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Hi, I’m Kaylee 👋

founder of DemandLoops.

I’m the marketing solopreneur making demand loops a reality for B2B SaaS companies. After spending years in-house building and leading demand gen functions one brand at a time, I’m now going solo to bring my learnings to you. I’m filling my days taking on projects ranging from interim marketing leadership positions, to advising & investing, content creation, and the most demanding position of them all – being a mom.

I’ve operated and advised companies such as Kindful, Campaign Monitor, Chili Piper, brightwheel, Refine Labs, Vanta, Traackr, Mux, and many more. And am now trying to make my own newsletter happen fueled by my learnings: demandloops.substack.com 💌

All of my downtime is consumed with my two kids and husband. We live in a small town just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. And let’s just say our growing kiddos keep our 5-to-9 really packed – wouldn’t have it any other way.


Three ways I work with B2B SaaS founders and marketing teams


Starting at $5k / mo
For brands with a marketing team who can execute and would thrive from strategic leadership and guidance on a GTM plan.


Starting at $8k / mo
For brands with a team that could benefit from additional strategic guidance and execution firepower.


Starting at $15k / mo
For brands who could benefit from an interim leader to drive a strategic shift, implement processes, and help source your next lead.

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